In addition to investing, we curate events and conversations through #ANGELS Access to build community, diversify networks, and include and promote women in frontier fields shaping the industry.


This series began nearly three years ago when we hosted a single dinner with First Round Capital to bring more women in operating roles into a discussion about investing, knowledge sharing and building networks into the angel and venture community. This first dinner spawned a dozen more salon style conversations in partnership with VC firms and hundreds of women across the industry. We expanded the discussion from investing to a wide range of topics relevant to founders and women in our networks. We've been fortunate to have conversations with Jack Dorsey, Max LevchinGloria Steinem, Beth Seidenberg, Chamath Palihapitiya, Patrick Collison and more. 


We’re excited to now open up this conversation series and scale #ANGELS Access as an ongoing program. Our events take different formats and tackle a wide range of topics. We partner with women and men, individuals and firms, but our goal is always the same: to build community, diversify networks, and include and promote women in the frontier fields shaping the industry. To get more women on the cap tables of successful start-ups in Silicon Valley we need to support women breaking-in, staying-in, and succeeding in this industry, particularly as founders, executives, investors, and early employees of successful start-ups. There’s much work to do and we hope #ANGELS Access helps.

If you’d like to join us for an event, please SIGN UP HERE to be on our mailing list. We will send out invites as the events are confirmed. Events are only in the Bay Area for now.